before you join
the main goal of this community is to create a place where the original fun that came from roleplay is highlighted and brought back. the days when in character drama would never make you wonder if it was someone who disliked you out of character being blurry, when different characters could publicly argue or have a disagreement without being labeled as crazy by judgemental anons, when gossip columns and weekly secrets brought the fun side of drama and scandal alive within a community. we want to get back to that and to have a group of people that don't give a shit about the social hierarchy or who anons deem as worthy or unworthy. if you have the creativity and dedication to be an active member of this community, then you're exactly who we're looking for.

all of the following need to be done in order for you to be accepted. we are able to reject any application we deem wouldn't be a good fit within the community. make sure you have a friends only post & a screened post; both need to be backdated
provide examples that include both a scene example, and entry example. if you do not have sufficient examples, please let us know prior to adds and an exception will be discussed.
make sure to clean out your friends list! you may not have non-members added while you are a member here. the reason being that it could cause current members to feel pre-judged, isolated, and/or uncomfortable.
make sure that your celebrity is 18 years of age or older, and easily identifiable with a google search.
indicate whether or not you are applying to override.
wire is optional, but encouraged to further community interaction.

because we're trying to bring back a more laid back, fun, an creative atmosphere, we don't want our updates to feel like a chore for our memebers. we want our members to log in willingly and make the community an active place for our other members. our activity requirements are pretty lax, but also specific to avoid rolehogs.
■ post an introduction in ~icymi within 48 hours of being added.
■ updates will be required every three weeks, and anything goes whether it's an instagram post, a blog style, a one liner, a mood board, etc. we're not going to be placing a word limit or box in a format for updates - we'll let you work with your own creativity. comments must be enabled, and the posts must be viewable to everyone in the community.
■ the majority of comments on your updates need to be answered within 48 hours of your update being posted. if they're not, you may be removed or overridden.
■ your friends list needs to be update once every 10 days.

overrides: note: if you have any questions about who is available for override, don't hesitate to ask us!

reapplying: if you are removed for not updating on time, you will be required to update before you are reaccepted. if you are removed for any other reason, you will need to re-post an introduction in ~icymi within 48 hours.

we as mods would like to make it very clear that we are not here to moderate in character conflicts. if your character has issues in character, we will not step in to mediate or try to resolve the issues. we will only get involved if there is harassment, bullying, blurring, outing, hacking, etc. that are happening out of character. we do ask that all our members report any issues they have to us personally, and as soon as possible.
■ blurring happens, and we understand this is unavoidable. if another member is becoming blurry with you about things unrelated to roleplay, then please either report it to us, or ask them to stop. if reported to us, we will as the member to stop and give them a warning.
■ if blurring happens that involves harassment, bullying, exposing other members' identities, or involves any sort of godmodding or metagaming, you may be removed.
■ before bringing something to the mods' attention, ask yourself: "is this a legitimate issue?" we encourage all of our member's to be candid with us, and want to make you aware that we are approachable regarding issues. however, disliking how someone acts, portrays their character, etc. is not something we will intervene with. we will also not be bullied or harassed to side in your favor. we show you respect, so please do the sanem for us.